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GITC College Introduction Video
[Introduction video]
GITC College Introduction Video
[Introduction video]

Green International Technological College provides an inquiry-based, student-centered, academically rigorous curriculum that addresses each student's intellectual, social, and emotional requirements. Academics ranging from business to tourism are at the heart of the school's objective to educate globally thinking pupils. Our mission is to develop young people who are open-minded, kind, good communicators, and eager to take responsibility for making a difference in the world. English is the language of instruction and inclusion at the institution. Students will spend the most of their time with the teacher, focusing on English, Mathematics, Units of Inquiry (including Science and Social Studies), and Tourism Management. We recognize and celebrate the reality that English is a second or foreign language for many of our students. These pupils get specialized English Language Acquisition (ELA) education either as a separate pull-out class or as in-class support where the ELA and teacher collaborate. Students receive additional assistance from an Individual Needs instructor and a School Counselor.


As a member of the college's administrative staff, the Registrar is solely responsible for maintaining students' records, particularly academic records. This obligation involves the Registrar's function in the admission, release, and graduation of students, which necessitates rapid response and precision.

  • Keep all students record up-to-date;
  • Reconstruct missing student records in the school file on the basis of the official records available in this office;
  • Issue transfer credentials, transcript of records, students permanent records and students monthly report cards with certificate of eligibility to transfer;
  • Examine credentials for purposes of registration and to enforce entrance requirements;
  • Take up with this office matters regarding recommendation of deans and principals on student's overload, cross-registration, admission of students from foreign schools, transfer of students after the enrollment period, etc;
  • Prepare and sumbit all reports (on prescribed form) on enrollment, attendance, students load, promotion and all other data which may be requested by the Bureau from time to time;

The Office of the Registrar is largely dedicated to serving the university's faculty and students by assisting in the understanding and execution of regulations, rules, and guidelines. We primarily serve as a facilitator and coordinator for students, teachers, and staff as they achieve the university's academic and administrative goals. The Office of the Registrar fosters a welcoming atmosphere by ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and accuracy of faculty academic and personal records at Green International Technological College. The Registrar's Office emphasizes simplicity and openness by supporting ongoing progress and amicably reached goals. This office also promotes a spirit of collaboration and open communication through constructive contributions.


The BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT is a four-year degree program in hospitality and tourism education. It allows students to be directly involved in the management and development of the world's largest people industry — tourism. This program focuses on classes in history, travel, language, and other cultural topics. It gives students exposure and training to become specialists in the administration of the travel, tour, and hospitality industries, and it will lead them to a senior post in this fascinating, diverse, and developing business.

Discover everything you've been looking for as well as hidden talents. Every student at Green International Technological College has an academic route. We offer a curriculum for you whether your heart is pulled to the arts, the sciences, or both.

The BS Tourism Management program has two areas of specialization: (1) Major in Travel Operations and Service Management, and (2) Major in Recreation and Leisure Management.

The BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN TOURIST MANAGEMENT Major in Travel Operations and Service Management degree focuses on the management, operations, and service delivery aspects of the travel and tourism sector. It includes technical, practical, and professional knowledge and skills in areas such as travel agency management, tour arranging and planning, travel industry operations and procedures, tourism marketing and promotion strategies, travel counseling, travel industry law, international and domestic operations, and travel and tourism policy.



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